Stop and think…

There needs to be greater understanding that kindness to patients will be more sustainable if staff are self-aware and able to treat themselves kindly.
From Intelligent Kindness by Ballatt & Campling (RCPsych, 2011)

Welcome to GP Safe House

GP Safe House (GPSH) is a virtual safe house providing a refuge and support for practitioners experiencing professional challenges.

It guarantees anonymity, security and confidentiality and understands that these are essential.

GPSH has five virtual rooms which offer support, information and resources. Each room corresponds to a different potential problem area. And there's also a Garden Shed! The virtual shed is for your comments and feedback on your experience of using GPSH. This website will be a continual work-in-progress and we will be refreshing and evolving the materials in the months to come. Your feedback, shared solutions to challenges you have faced, and all comments will be very welcome.

The five rooms are:

  • Consulting Room - Personal Health Information for the Gloucestershire Area
  • Burnout Recovery Suite - Burnout and Stress
  • Professional Relationships Bureau - Working Relationship Problems
  • Library of Solutions - Non-clinical Aspects of Patient Care
  • Career Development Office - Professional Development
  • Contacts for Support and Advice - This is a link to the Gloucestershire LMC Advocate Area which offers the possibility of a personal, completely anonymous, one-to-one, online consultation with a professional advisor as well as more everyday modes of communication!
  • The Garden Shed - A place where you can comment or give feedback on using GPSH.
  • Funding
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  • Gloucestershire GPSH is funded by Gloucestershire LMC.
  • GPSH was originally commissioned
    by the Clinician Support Service
    and its contents are strictly copyright.
  • Credits
  • Project Director and original idea: Roger Crabtree
  • Research and Text: Lynn Collins
  • Website Design: Andreas Wichter and Anne Hicks
  • Website Construction and Maintenance: Careers Systems
  • Original Painting: Judith Milne